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2 Christmas Cookies Water Decals

2 Christmas Cookies Water Decals

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Add some magic to your nail game with our Water Decals! 
Water decals for nails are a type of nail art accessory that allows you to easily transfer intricate designs onto your nails. These decals typically come with instructions to guide users through the application process. The instructions are meant to help you achieve the best results and ensure that the decals adhere to your nails properly. Here is a general overview of the typical instructions that may come with water decals for nails:

  1. Cutting: Trim the decal to fit the size of your nail if needed.
  2. Preparation: Ensure your nails are clean and dry before starting the application process. Use Foil Gel or a Base Gel for better adhesion into your nail, cure for 30 seconds.
  3. Soaking: Immerse the decal in water for a few seconds. This allows the design to separate from its backing paper.
  4. Transfer: Gently slide the design off the backing paper. The design should easily slide off and be ready for application.
  5. Placement: Carefully position the decal on your nail. You can use tweezers to help with precise placement.
  6. Pressing: Once the decal is in the desired position, press it onto your nail your clean fingers or a special tool designed for this purpose. Make sure to smooth out any air bubbles or wrinkles.
  7. Sealing: I recomend encapsulating with base coat and then apply a top coat or in case you are working with acrylic, apply base coat or top coat and then encapsulating with acrylic. Finaling with clear topcoat. The durability depends to how you sealed your decals.

Always refer to the specific instructions provided with the water decals you have purchased, as different brands or products may have variations in their application process. Following the instructions carefully will help you achieve a professional-looking nail art design with ease.

Note: Almost all of my decals are designed for long to medium nails but can be adjusted to any size by cutting them, but note that if you want them for extremely short or small nails know that your design may be affected.

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